Mound Cover
Mound Cover

Baseball Home Plate Covers and Tarps

All of our baseball spot covers are made from either polyethylene or vinyl. These mound covers, home plate tarps, and base covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Protect your baseball or softball field from Mother Nature. All Court Covers fabricates these spot covers in standard as well as custom sizes.

Our baseball mound and home plate come with several options. If you can’t afford a full field cover, then these spot covers are for you! We make pitchers mound covers, home plate covers, base covers, bull pen covers and lots more.

Pitchers Mound Covers

A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining your pitcher’s mound and home plate areas. All Court Covers can make sure your pitcher’s mound and home plate areas are protected. The tarps are made in America. They are extremely strong and durable.

ACC has light weight, medium weight, and heavy weight baseball and softball pitchers mound covers. They are available in 6 ounce poly, or 13, or 18oz. vinyl.

Baseball Base Covers

ACC base covers are made right here in the USA!  Base covers for both softball and baseball fields defend your bases from inclement weather. Base covers are fabricated in lightweight, triple coated and ultraviolet radiation resistant polyethylene or rugged vinyl.

Our home plate covers hold grommets every 2’ on center around the perimeter. Vinyl covers can have logos printed on them, and are available in 15 colors.


 Spot Cover

Baseball Spot Covers
Baseball Spot Covers



Pitcher’s mound covers are also fabricated right here in the USA! Mound covers shield your mound from inclement weather, whether for baseball or softball. Our mound covers are constructed from lightweight but super strong, UV resistant plain-woven polyethylene, or rugged 18 ounce vinyl.

Each cover holds grommets 2’ on center around the perimeter. Vinyl covers may contain printed logos and are available in 15 different colors.Softball Pitchers Mound Covers and Tarps

Home Plate Cover
Home Plate Cover

Home Plate Cover Home Plate Covers and Tarps

ACC home plate covers are fabricated in the USA! Home plate covers protect your home plate from harsh weather. All home plate covers are available in lightweight, UV resistant woven polyethylene or vinyl.

They hold grommets every 2′ around the perimeter. Vinyl covers are fabricated to be able to accept customized printed logos. They are available in a variety of team colors as well.

Home, Mound, and Base Covers

Softball & Baseball Bull Pen Covers

Bull Pen Covers are fabricated in light-weight  white/silver woven polythene.   Twelve mil 6.3 ounce polyethylene materials or 14 and 18 vinyls. These may be created with grommets in every corner solely or grommets each 3’ round the perimeter that may be used with stakes or sandbags.  Our Bull Pen Covers are available in four normal sizes or we will custom create a to your specifications

Manufactured in 6.3 ounce poly or 18 ounce oz vinyl.

Model Numbers



ACC-PM1818′ Mound CoverPoly
ACC-HP2626′ Home plate coverPoly
ACC -HP3030’ Home plate coverPoly
ACC-HP3232’ Home plate coverPoly
ACC-B1010’ Base CoverPoly
ACC-VPM1818’ Pitcher’s Mound CoverVinyl
ACC-VPM2626’ Pitcher’s Mound CoverVinyl
ACC-VHP2626’ Home plate CoverVinyl
ACC-VHP3030’ Home plate CoverVinyl

Polyethylene covers: silver/white.
Solid vinyl: 10 colors.

Spot Covers
Spot Covers

All Court Covers has a complete line of weighted home plate, base, and pitcher’s mound covers.

ACC weighted infield tarps are waterproof and fabricated to stay in place. We insert weighted ball bearings inside of a urethane sleeve.  We sew the sleeve into the perimeter. Our 10′ square shape will fit almost all base areas.  We have several sizes and materials available for home plate and pitching mound.

Mound and home plate tarps form a circle. Spot covers will not harm the surrounding infield grass.  ACC covers were specifically designed to fit neatly into the mound or home base dirt area. The cover will provide optimum long-term day coverage. All covers are used for winter protection and dirt moisture management.

Home Plate and Mound Covers

ACC home plate and pitcher’s mound covers are designed to keep your baseball field ready to go. All Court Covers Mound and Home plate Covers are made from 18 oz. vinyl or 6 ounce polyethylene.

The covers’s rip-resistant woven fabric is rot and mildew resistant.  Heat welded seams give complete waterproof protection. Our vinyl covers come in standard forest green.  Many other colors are available at no additional charge.

Benefits of weighted spot covers are:

  • Ease of application/removal – Get rid of stakes, cinder blocks and sandbags.
  • Have fewer worries keeping track of things – No lost stakes or spilled sand.
  • Can tolerate/support  blowing winds up to sixty five miles an hour.

Have any concerns about the weight of our eighteen ounce covers? We’ll help eliminate them with the following suggestions.

We make a 6 oz. poly weighted spot cover:

  • Heavy enough to remain in grounded– lightweight enough for one person to hold.
  • Lighter weight = easier to handle
  • More economical

Really want the 18 oz. heavyweight vinyl?  We have hand carriers or push carts you can use.


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