Ballard baseball finds way to showcase its history

Fans attending Ballard High School baseball games the rest of this season will notice something on the right field fence.

A new windscreen was put up there this past week, showcasing four of the best players to ever wear a Bruins uniform.

“It’s about time we did something to recognize the stellar athletes and students that have come through our baseball program,” said head coach David Trager.

The four former players pictured on the windscreen are:

Jo Adell – Kentucky Mr. Baseball and first-round draft pick
Spencer Graeter – Kentucky Mr. Baseball
Shawn Kelly – 13th-round draft pick
Jeremy Sowers – Kentucky Mr. Baseball and first-round draft pick
“All four of those guys up there took advantage of the time that they had here and the coaching that they had here to help them become the ballplayers that they are and were,” said Trager.

The new windscreen is also being used as a motivator, as the current Bruins players would love to see their faces on the windscreen one day.

“I definitely want to be on that wall by the time I leave here,” said Ballard baseball player Brandon Schmitt.

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