Because of this, Baseball Full Infield Covers

Don’t let Mother Nature ruin your baseball field. Stand tall against the elements with All Court Covers’ baseball field covers or softball full infield covers.

ACC baseball filed Covers are fabricated in the U.S.!  Our softball and baseball ground covers are made from a light-weight polyethylene in white/silver, or an 18 ounce vinyl. All of our infield covers have handles around the perimeter on 12’ centers.  This allows for rapid deployment and folding ease. This material has blackout construction to considerably cut back the “greenhouse effect” which may harm grass. 

6.3 POLY Cover

All Court Covers 6.3 ounce polyethylene full field covers are revered by people who take baseball seriously. From professional to high school levels, all baseball and softball field covers have handles every 12 feet for swift movement.

ACC-Poly Baseball Field Covers – 6.3 oz. Polyethylene

All Court Covers baseball and softball polyethylene full infield covers are fabricated in a silver/white color.  Because of this, Poly covers are considerably easier to move than vinyl covers. We offer all covers and tarps in custom sizes.

Product Data:  

  • Heat-sealing production method for strength.
  • All hems incorporate double-stitching
  • Convenient, sturdy handles on both sides, spaced 12′ apart
  • ISO certified fabrication with polythene, woven in one hundred forty four inch wide sections
  • Silver or white in color
  • Option: furrowed rollers for straightforward storage, obtainable in 28″ diameter by 20′ or 30′ lengths of polythene
  •  Baseball Infield Tarp
Rain Cover Accessories   Heavy Duty Rollers   Heavy duty 28″ diameter double-wall furrowed HDPE rollers.  Excellent for handling and storing rain covers.Roller diameter: 28″Roller links: 20′, 34’*, 40’**Two Pieces Infield Rain Cover SizeSuggested Roller Length Little League 90’x90′20′ Softball 120’x120′20′ Baseball 160’x160′34′ or 40’* Baseball 170’x170′34′ or 40’**Roller is constructed from 2-pieces. Designed for assembly on the field.
 Rain Cover and Field cover Roller.Manufactured according to chosen roller length – 20′, 34′ or 40′Optional: lettering/logos to display advertising or team nameHeavy Duty Roller  
We offer two systems to secure your covers to the field.        
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