ACC-75 Armor Mesh 14 ounce Baseball Batter’s Eye 

Baseball Batters Eye
Baseball Batter’s Eye

ACC-75 Premium Armor Mesh Batters Eyes Windscreens
This 14 ounce Vinyl Coated Mesh is the hottest baseball batters eye windscreen, hitters background, for playing field fences.
-All windscreens go together with welded black banded border.
-Grommets are eighteen inches on center.
-Windscreens higher than 6′ high go together with horizontal lacing lip in center for stability.
-Lacing lip is on back of screen and contains 18 inch on center grommets.
-Window boxes and half moon air vents go higher than lacing lip. We recommend a vent every 10 linear feet.
-These screens may have customized graphics if artwork is supplied.
-5-yr. Warranty.

Vinyl Coated Polyester Baseball Windscreen

Baseball Batters Eye


Large structures in center field that are fabric filled are called hitters batters eyes. They allow the hitter to better see the path of a thrown ball.

ACC provides superior vinyl coated polyester baseball windscreens for batters eyes. Our windscreen batter’s eyes can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. Each batter’s eye uses a custom blend of VCP materials, backed by a 4-year warranty. All ACC baseball windscreens and batter’s eyes are available in multiple colors, with enclosure of 75%, 80%, 83% or more.

ACC baseball batter’s eyes have welded hems, and we always make sure to cut in air vents when needed. We also include 1′ grommet spacing all around the center and 9′-tall screens with a middle lip, as well as grommets 12″ on center. We custom make all baseball batter’s eyes to meet your unique specifications, so your space will always be properly covered.

All Court Covers sells custom baseball batter’s eyes in solid vinyl or mesh materials, to meet our customers’ needs.

ACC- 80

Vinyl coated polyester baseball windscreens.  9 by 12 weave. 1000 D. FOUR YEAR WARRANTY.  4 ply hems and grommets all around 12″ on center. On 9′ windscreens a rear anti billow tab with grommets 12″ on center. 80% opacity.

VCX9x12 Colors (actual colors may vary)

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Baseball Batters Eyes

They always look excellent!

Baseball Batter's Eye
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